Universal Archive

This is a temporary holding site for universalarchive.com
This page has been set up to take all enquiries regarding the site whilst we establish a permanent home.
For the time being please send all e-mail enquiries to info@universalarchive.co.uk
Please note that this too is a temporary address. Anyone contacting us will be informed of the permanent addresses by e-mail.

Universal Archives intention is to create a central repository for digital images created in libraries and archives throughout the world. In the months and years to come we hope that it will act as a central access point for those interested in collections and individual documents.

What will we provide for the Archives?
An easy solution to displaying and generating revenue from their digitally held images.

What will the reader see?

How will we achieve our aims?

If you are interested in the development of this project and wish to be involved at the start, then we will offer a permanent discount of 25% on site charges after the first year. As it is vital that we cover our costs so that this can become a long term resource on the web.

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